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Mounted daemonette champion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Yellow one

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Mounted daemonette champion

Mounted daemonette champion

This is my first model, painted without metallics. I like this impressiv and very effectly style and ithirst of clear, bright colors. I worked over four days to this purple girl.

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Viewer comments:
#116071 Rating: 10 30 Dec 2004
Yellow one, you are one of the best painter on this site. Amazing paintingstyle!
#106569 Rating: 10 18 Oct 2004
Brilliant. Makes me want to convert the same thing! Do you have any artistic training? The way you'Ve placed reflections all over teh model is phenomenal. The beast's neck (top armor and bottom chainmail) are the most impressive to me. You're a great inspiration, I'm a fan of your darker shades. I will definetly try to learn from your models! How did you paint the chainmail under the chest of the beast?
#97709 Rating: 10 13 Aug 2004
damnit! I want to give this a ten for the incredible paintjob, but I really dont like the base ... bah! whatever, I'll give it a ten anyway great nmm! you really are my favourite mini painter
#95551 Rating: 10 28 Jul 2004
Your first model, painted without metallics, or your first model painted without metallics? If you mean the first one I don't believe you and say you're a liar, if you mean the second one I also don't believe you but give you a 10 because this look so superb. Really great work, I can't see anything wrong or disturbing. Man, this is so amazing...
#95460 Rating: 10 27 Jul 2004
Lovely colours. Some close-ups of the beasts head and neck would be good - it looks awsomely painted.
#95063 Rating: 9 24 Jul 2004
your first model...? i think i wanna kill u now...
#94851 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2004
technically is good but not fantastic but the convers and the color schem were perfect,a piece of art,9.3
#94848 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2004
Holy crappola. Now that is an attention getting model. It shimmers like an oil slick on water. seriously sweet job. I like the idea of the weapon and since imitation is the highest form of flattery that gives me the right to steal your idea right? LOL, it's goin' on the favorites list.
#94843 Rating: 9 22 Jul 2004
Wow! Nearly perfect... The only critic I noticed: her "hair" seems to be strange (even color choice). Did you convert her head by adding this sort of "helmet"?
#94795 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2004
Just great, I love the gleaming metal effect. What can I say ... so beautiful ... all glory to Slaanesh ...






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