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Amanthas Huntress
Manufacturer: Brigade Models
Category: Fantasy

by SintriCat


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Amanthas Huntress

Amanthas Huntress

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#468654 Rating: 7 23 Apr 2020
Seems like flesh sells, overrated mini.
#114772 Rating: 9 19 Dec 2004
What a beautifully painted pussy.
#88657 Rating: 9 9 Jun 2004
good job, but for one thing (and no, not another 'string the bow, boo hoo hoo' comment). why the hell does she have areola as big as her hands?
#14963 Rating: 9 30 Sep 2002
sure, she's looking all sweet and innocent...but then again she has a saber tooth tiger protecting her!! no suitors for her! ;-)
#14770 Rating: 8 27 Sep 2002
When ordering online,I saw this mini & almost fell outta my chair laughing. The "factory" ad paint job looked like Tony the tiger.But...I really am impressed w/ what you've done.1 thing though...String the bow. Also, what'd you use to get the water??
#8362 Rating: 9 6 Jul 2002
absolutely marvelous, the base, the miniature, it's a great job ! Very cool
#8019 Rating: 7 2 Jul 2002
Mmm... Love the girl, like the base, hate the tiger. I feel that for such a big element in the piece, is lacking vast amounts of texture and detail. Why is so hard for people to put a little piece os string in the bow? It could put an extra point in the score, and is not so hard to do.
#8014 Rating: 10 2 Jul 2002
Sandy - you rock! that's the best vignette I've ever seen. The waterfall is just great!
#8012 Rating: 9 2 Jul 2002
NICE base, I would like another look at the water, but then there's only so much you can get on a picture.. This looks like she's about to snipe someone.. if her cat doesn't get to 'em first!
#7976 Rating: 9 1 Jul 2002
Now that is an awesome base! I wish.... Like the tatoos and the Sabre tooth as well






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