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Chaos Nurgle lord with realy strange weapon Iv.3
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Mechian


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Chaos Nurgle lord with realy strange weapon Iv.3

Chaos Nurgle lord with realy strange weapon Iv.3

Base is made from green-stuff and Mig-19 fuel tank. If you look closer, there are skulls and heads caught in chaos rock.
I try to made different light effects on the armor than on my old minis, please send me your opinions about this reflections and shadows. Probably I don't have objective view.
And what do you think about chainmail?
All comments are welcome!

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Viewer comments:
#162138 Rating: 9 4 Jan 2006
Well, maybe I'm in the minority, but I think the purple face works great. Looks very sick and diseased. I also love the purplish light that seems to be reflected throughout. Adds very eerie atmosphere. Great job.
#131353 Rating: 9 27 Apr 2005
amazing mini at all.. but ther at 2 things in my opinion that You could paint better ... 1- this green onething [ ] on his shoulder look's like half painted and its destroy overlook a bit , 2- i dont get that purple flash on the sword ? why purple it don't match to other elements .. and about THE HEAD its ugly , dark and grim youst like it should be :] great ... anything else it great i would like start auction on 20$ at least but its You choice .. cheers ! keep up the good work ! up the Irons ..and so one..
#130929 Rating: 9 22 Apr 2005
It is fantastic, but, I don,t like his purple head
#109573 Rating: 8 9 Nov 2004
I love the colour of the armour, but i think the purple face is taking a bit away from the overall effect. you have great skill, although the base is a bit boring, and the gold nmm is a bit grizzly, but you probably meant it to be slightly old looking....8.5 from me, good stuff.
#95707 29 Jul 2004
reHIX & apophis U must count that head scaling factor is aproximetly 5:1 and JPEG compresion of picture is realy hard. So its hard to make it smooth. Sword is painted with combination of layering and blending. There is about seven diferent colors. RED is problematic only on picture. My camera as many other has problem with red so it doesn't look properly. On miniature it is much darker. re> Medved Oci jsou namalovany mezi vicka, ale ten tlustoch je ma ulne prtave. I'm sorry about my english.
#95587 Rating: 9 28 Jul 2004
suhlasim s ogrynom, vsade je skeve ale ta hlava........hmm neciti na mna prijemne. asi to ma byt tmavsia a mat silnesie oci. ale este ti gratulujem!
#95493 Rating: 9 27 Jul 2004
Very beautiful mini..! I like that shading, but the head is too unsmooth so it´s in big contrast with that shiny smooth armour and i don´t understand that checkboard and violet shades on metal and those sacks looks little bit strange. But at all it´s perfect and it´s much better metal than in your preview minis and I guess this is not painting but Real Art..!
#95400 Rating: 8 27 Jul 2004
I like the light effect and the weapon. How did you do the sword? But I don't like the color scheme, i find that red isn't a good choice. But it's my taste... (sooorry for my english)
#95390 Rating: 10 27 Jul 2004
No je to teda pěknej hnusák. Natolik pěkně hnusnej, že mu dám za deset Včera na rozjezdu jsem říkal, že ta hlava je ňák moc fialová, ale není. Všecko jak má být - tlesk, tlesk.
#95302 Rating: 9 26 Jul 2004
Good NMM, but the head is not finished for my taste. I like the sword weapon, fantastic end.






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