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Ultramarines Cpt Invictus (SILVER Single 40K GD2003 ITALY)
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by pega

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Ultramarines Cpt Invictus (SILVER Single 40K GD2003 ITALY)

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#233975 Rating: 9 30 Aug 2007
He reminds me of Captain Stern from Heavy Metal: The Movie. "Don't worry about it, I've got an angle!" Nice work.
#192058 Rating: 9 25 Aug 2006
Excellent mini in all aspects. Except for the eye! I demand that you repaint it! It's ruining everything!!! I mean, why is he looking at the sky? It's like he's thinking "Is that bird trying to say something? I hope not cause i'm in a shit mood right now."
#141175 Rating: 8 18 Jul 2005
The only bad thing is the face. The expression is too much like, "And it does say captain on my banner! I think. Lemme check."
#137329 Rating: 9 17 Jun 2005
amazing, its so good, it looks and feels like its inquisitor scale, I think the painting and sculpting is gr8, my only problem is with the face, which is a little to much like a cartoon face, would love to see this model in real life
#134196 Rating: 8 25 May 2005
i love the sculpting. but i feel the paint job just isnt up to the par of it. just a little wo dirty for me. but over all very very cool!!!!
#96530 Rating: 9 5 Aug 2004
Well, one thing is for sure. Green stuff is a better friend to you than it is to me. Great job.
#96175 Rating: 9 2 Aug 2004
wow, i thought at first it was the forge world one, brilliant again, do you have shares in green stuff or something :0)






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