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Tha Flame Mage (aka Sir Malcolm, Lightbringer)
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by EArkham

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Tha Flame Mage (aka Sir Malcolm, Lightbringer)

Tha Flame Mage (aka Sir Malcolm, Lightbringer)

This was an odd method of painting for me. Normally I plow right through a figure (or group of similiar figures) until I get it completed. Of course, that doesn't stop me from accumulating dozens of half painted minis. For this one, I spent a few minutes here and there (usually while painting other figures that shared similar shades and colors) over the course of a couple of months.

The cloak was based with ballast (just as with a... uh... base) to give it a lava-esque feel and painted to suit. Mostly this was inspired by the Cloak of the Salamander picture in the D&D Miniatures Handbook, even though I obviously didn't reference the picture directly.

Otherwise, no majorly interesting techniques here despite experimenting with various things -- there is some subtle object-source lighting from the sword on his face and armour. The armour uses a blend of both metallics and non-metal metal styles. The sword was actually done with pens, not paint, as were the howling mini-elementals in the cloak. I probably should have left them out, but overall I'm pleased with him.


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Viewer comments:
#97510 Rating: 10 12 Aug 2004
I think this might be one of the best minis here.
#96097 1 Aug 2004
The pen-work on the sword was actually really similar to wet-blending (a technique I tend to use a lot anyway). I kept both a red and yellow pen uncapped and just lined in the seperate shades, then "dotted" them together to blend. I found that it was actually a little easier to focus on blending when I wasn't worried about a brush tip drying out, or having to constantly redip the brush in water... though I did once dip one of the pens in the water out of habit.
#95981 Rating: 10 31 Jul 2004
Sword and cloak are excellent, the armour looks great. So how did you do the sword with pens?
#95976 Rating: 10 31 Jul 2004
Wow! Where to begin? The shield looks great, and the sword is awesome... looks too hot to touch! The cloak looks very cool (AND hot, he, he), and the concept for it is very unusual and inspiring. The subtle light-sourcing was very well done...too many times I have seen light-sourcing seriously overdone. Overall this piece is very attractive, and an inspiration to complete similar pieces!
#95936 Rating: 8 31 Jul 2004
Over all I'd give this figure a 7. Cleanly painted, but some areas feel flat such as the sword hilt and the inside of his cloak. The base is also rather plain. But I really like the shield device and the hot metal sword blade. So a 7 normally... BUT THE LAVA CLOAK! That was inspired. A clever idea executed well, and pushes this up to an 8 in my book. Well done...






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