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games workshop LOTR Balrog and Gandalf
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by darkrealm miniatures

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games workshop LOTR Balrog and Gandalf

games workshop LOTR Balrog and Gandalf

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In addition to the Lord of the Rings line, there will also be a large selection of Wood Elves, Dryads and Glade Riders.Figures will be sold in large groups and as individual pieces.
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#187367 Rating: 9 28 Jul 2006
As I remember it, Beardy Gandalf was caught with Balrog's bull whip - Indiana Jones style? But nice work anyway
#142778 Rating: 10 31 Jul 2005
Wow, looks just like the scene from the movie... can't get any better than that.
#137408 Rating: 9 18 Jun 2005
Holy shit, this is a blody nice conversion, only the painting coold be done better. nice one
#111234 Rating: 9 21 Nov 2004
I like the light sourcing. You have done some really good work.
#98122 Rating: 9 17 Aug 2004
I love the sheer dynamics and conversion work on this model.
#96754 Rating: 9 7 Aug 2004
NICE work! In victoria's realm I dare say. I wish the pic was clearer so I could see it better.






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