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Saint Celestine - The living Saint
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Brokenblade

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Saint Celestine - The living Saint

Saint Celestine - The living Saint

For sale now - i'd rather like to keep it but unfortunately finacial problems are taking over again and therefor i have to try and sort them out, thanks for all the kind words guys.

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#139816 Rating: 10 6 Jul 2005
This is the only 10 I've given so far. The flesh tones are right, the shading is beautifully subtle, and looks like figure is dramatically catching the light. The color palette is muted, and I could see someone else not loving it, but personally I really like the effect. The simple colors give her a humanity and realism, and the halo jumps out because the rest of the figure is simple. If I see any issues, it's with the sword and the dove; they're just not as real as the rest of the model.
#136097 Rating: 10 8 Jun 2005
I think you definately have done this model justice! My favourites are the gold nmm and her cloak. What I also find very striking about her is that she seems to have a special light - it really works well! It should ofcourse not go without being mentioned that the color shceme is truly terrific too! Simply: It is an amazing mini!
#135394 Rating: 9 3 Jun 2005
very very well painted... a very different colorscheme from any previous, very nice nmm's, maybe the worse of all are the cherubs and the blade... the golden crown is astonishing though...
#130701 Rating: 10 20 Apr 2005
Jeah, this Celestine is great, dude...^_^... You have done one of the best Celestine paint jobs I have ever seen... beautiful...... 10 Points...
#107409 Rating: 9 23 Oct 2004
WOW!! An absolutely beautiful mini.I love her cloak and excellent use of NMMs there
#98562 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2004
i wanted to rate this lower cos I am bored sh*tless of this miniature. But, this is one of the best overall paintjobs I have ever seen. Good luck with the auction brokenblade.
#98242 Rating: 10 18 Aug 2004
Thats stunning with a really high "WOW!" factor. The steel armour is fantastic the nmm gold is awesome and the face is amazing. Not sure about the cherbus but who's looking at them anyway?
#98213 Rating: 9 18 Aug 2004
The darker fee is wonderful, I loved this mini anyway! I agree with Fred that the sword and cherubs are not so good, but I'm gonna be less charitable with the scoring, sorry!
#98151 Rating: 10 17 Aug 2004
That is the best gold NMM I have ever seen. The effect you achieved on the crest is stunning. the face is flawless and the armour, for the most part is the same. The trim on the cloak is superb and the feel you have given it is very fitting. My only qualms are that the cherubs seems to have less effort put into them and the feet and sword do not seem to have the level of reality (for lack of a better term) the rest of the metal does.
#98018 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2004
You've really captured the look here. A beautiful looking mini. The freehand on the cloak works perfectly with the armour trim. I love the darker tones you've used. Well done.






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