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Space Marine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Deucalion

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Space Marine

Space Marine

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#111255 Rating: 9 21 Nov 2004
(Te pongo el coment en esta porke es la ke se vee mejor..XD) Me parece cojonuda junto al resto de la unidad...oro clarisimo..el eskema i la atmosfera me encanta solo me falla la base i algunas luces ke tas pasao un apures tanto asta el blanco (o casi blanco). En general cojonudo ya te lo dije en el golden XD Un saludo espero veros ronto!!!
#104125 Rating: 8 2 Oct 2004
ack white background hurting eyes. Nice job though.
#103243 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2004
Great! Everything's superb there!
#101667 Rating: 9 13 Sep 2004
I´m envious of your sense of colour, deeply original and surprisingly coherent. You´ve got some artistic bravery alright. Well done!
#98924 Rating: 10 23 Aug 2004
Whoa, this is a fantastic spacemarine, I had to catch some breath before I could push the 'comment' button, amazing colors and great, subtile details; This is easily the best space marine right after cyril´s one´s, and the colorsheme is superior to his. Which color did you use as the main one, it´s blue I don´t recognize.
#98893 Rating: 9 23 Aug 2004
algunas luces las veo un poco forzadas como si necesitara mas transiciones pero la mini es preciosa, me encanta.. me encantaria ver la hombrera, el ajedrezado tiene una pinta de estar de la ostia..esta va a mi fichero de minis bonitas.. muy cyril...jejeje cabron..calentando motores pa la golden o q?¿??¿.
#98847 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2004
Amazing. The colors, the detail...
#98814 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2004
*DROOL* Very nice, he looks like an oil painting (or pastels maybe) come to life. This one's definitely going in my Favorites.
#98738 Rating: 10 21 Aug 2004
Whow! I like the color and the cracks






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