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Dark Elf High Sorceress on Steed of Slaanesh
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by GeOrc

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Dark Elf High Sorceress on Steed of Slaanesh

Dark Elf High Sorceress on Steed of Slaanesh

Hi all,
Here you can see my high sorceress conversion for my cult of pleasure army. This miniature wins the golden demon in Warhammer Monster entry at German Golden Demon Competition 2004.

I used a Morathi miniature and put it on the the steed of slaanesh. It was a lot of conversion work because I used the original saddle from the slaanesh lord and I had to mill out the original legs. Also I was forced to sculpture a new hair for her because the original don´t fit with the backrest. Because of the painting, I used a dark NMM Style for all armour and wearpon parts and put a lot of freehands on the clothes and the morathis skirt. Altogether I need more than a month to finish this miniature but I really like the result. I hope you like it to. For more detailed pictures use the following link:

I hope you like it
Regards GeOrc

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#279304 Rating: 10 27 Dec 2008
Hi, nice decent freehands, great conversion and paintjob. Greetz, Jonathan
#101464 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2004
I put my eyes on it when i saw, i like very much, i find it of an excellent taste, so dark, so fine the colour scheme at all the piece. Well done, congratulations for winning!!!!
#101291 Rating: 9 9 Sep 2004
The skin colour on the beast really adds an "ick" factor. Like it used to be a real person...
#101288 Rating: 10 9 Sep 2004
Excellent miniature! The coloration of the worm is just amazing. Congratulations on the well deserved win.
#100842 Rating: 9 6 Sep 2004
One of the model i prefered this year at the German Games Day. Very fine job! jerems
#100748 Rating: 10 6 Sep 2004
WH-Single and WH-Monster were both really difficult this year in Germany. But this mini was definitly the best monster (and also the Background of the mini fits well with GWs ideas of the SOC-Campaign....)






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