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Teclis, old version
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by QiaoZhong

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Teclis, old version

Teclis, old version

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#103847 Rating: 10 30 Sep 2004
Great! How did you paint a cloak?
#103253 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2004
#101479 11 Sep 2004
...and I took 1 month to paint this Teclis.
#101478 11 Sep 2004
Thank you for commnets. My Gold NMM that I use citadel colours (Black, Scorched Brown, SnakebiteLeather, small amount of Golden Yellow, and white), too.
#101459 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2004
Awesome. How long did this take to do?
#101441 Rating: 10 10 Sep 2004
Those NNMs are superb! And the Freehand! Did you use citadel paints for the golds too? I've never really got the right colors to work on my models, and a point in the right direction would be nice.
#101409 Rating: 10 10 Sep 2004
#101364 10 Sep 2004
Thank you for comment. The sword's NMM layers that I use citadel colours (Black, ShadowGrey, LightningBlue, SpacewolvesGrey, and white). I don't know how to explain technics, because this NMM pattern is a result of many of experiments.
#101295 Rating: 9 9 Sep 2004
Actually about a 9.8, but couldn't quite bring myself to put it up to 10. The sword is awesome and the moon crest on the helm is even better, really nice work. The freehand is also brilliantly done, and unlike a lot of people's doesn't overpower the other elements of the mini. Some of the paler blue highlights on the cloak, the gold on the very front of his helm and the fact that his skin looks a little rough means I can't give that perfect 10 though. It is still the nicest Elf I've ever seen, and I don't even like the pointy eared freaks that much!
#101076 Rating: 10 8 Sep 2004
Amazing work!It Seems an old school mini but painted with the "new techniques". That NMM blade is unbelievable!






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