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Emperor's Wrath Rhino #8
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by rangda


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Emperor's Wrath Rhino #8

Emperor's Wrath Rhino #8

The markings on the rhino mimic those of the squad that it carries. The extra armor is from Forgeworld. I did some detail work on the driver cockpit, and added a driver. Most of the weathering was done with pastel chalk. I did not hinge the top doors; this is a gaming piece and I want to switch it between a razorback and a rhino. (I've already painted the razorback, just waiting for the additional weapon sprue or the time to convert guns for it) I learned to regret doing a split color scheme when painting the rhinos, masking the color line was not easy.

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Viewer comments:
#45781 Rating: 8 19 Jul 2003
I love the weathering, but for some reason, the top hatch is lighter than the rest of the tank and the inside is a bit too clean aswell
#23087 17 Dec 2002
The chalk was sealed with Testors Dullcoat applied with an airbrush at very low pressure, around 10psi. You cannot use the spray cans as the coat is much too thick and applied at a high pressure, it just blows the chalk off.
#21267 Rating: 8 1 Dec 2002
Great weathering altough to be a nitpicker the inside of the troop compartment could use some weathering too since it almost spottless (including the inside of the top hatches). Please let us know how you seal the chalks (I suppose with airbrush / spray cote ?) The split line looks good to me by the way. Great stuff for a "gaming piece" tough
#18082 Rating: 9 30 Oct 2002
i absolutley love the rust stains and weathering, siome of the beat Ive seen, but how will you seal it as a gaming piece?
#9628 Rating: 9 28 Jul 2002
Very good weathering! looks like the tank has spend years in battle.
#9418 Rating: 8 23 Jul 2002
Wow! How do you get the pastel chalk to stay on the model?






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