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Khemri special character on chariot
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Gelflin


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Khemri special character on chariot

Khemri special character on chariot

Painted as the centre piece of a khemri army. The colour scheme was white and dark blue with emerald skulls (its an undead army how much more bone painting do you need?! "well, lets add a few more skulls for the hell of it" - GW!!! please note that this is not a direct quote just an observation....what they really said was..."A blank space, SKULLS!!!! MORE SKULLS!!!!! *looks shameful* that isnt a direct quote either, I have had my rant; back to the painted mini!!!) Please comment it was painted as a table top standard character model but I am proud of it!

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#413145 Rating: 8 17 Feb 2014
Well above table top... And you can never have too many skulls, that would be like being too thin, or too rich.

#138053 Rating: 9 23 Jun 2005
For me 8,5 so 9 The bones are poor but the chariot and the character are really good. And the colours looks really nice - another than my TK army. The base is nice, too. Really good work and the specific climate (sorry for my english )
#114868 Rating: 9 19 Dec 2004
Oh! I can actually see one of the little vials that you're talking about Outstanding work... This is far above TT-standard. Really inspiring. Cheers!
#106445 17 Oct 2004
Thank you....... *blushes* I will take a look in the back catalouge at the old skeletal horses............
#106444 17 Oct 2004
Thank you, I wish that i could show some of the great detail on this mini ( down to the little vials, that I painted up to look like they were glass with coloured liquid) But my camera work isnt up to it yet!!! if at first you dont suceed........
#104524 Rating: 8 5 Oct 2004
This is far from being table top standard it is much much better. Great use of colours that work realy well together, the bone looks nice as well. My only gripe and it is not even your fault is that the GW plastic skeleton horses are awful but you have painted them well. I always get my skeleton horses from the back catalogue as the old metal undead horses were much better. But as I said doesn't dtract from this great piece of work.






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