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Fairy with Dagger
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by paintwidow

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Fairy with Dagger

Fairy with Dagger

This fairy was really fun to paint. First off, without a doubt the best face I've ever done. I actually put eye shadow on this one (she was crying out for it), and I added a little shine reflection to her bottom lip. I made her a brunette with blonde streaks in the front, and it really seemed to fit. A fancy little design on that tiny @#$% dagger sheath was satisfying to get done too. I used the holy trinity of purple/orange/green for this mini, and I have to say that the wings photographed the least accurately. Blah, the eye is more forgiving than the lens! Lastly, this mini is the first time that I used water effects for a base. I painted her base up like a lily pad, and floated her on some water. But I did learn something about water effects; all my carefully blended blue ripples that I painted were fairly obscured after applying the effects, and the only thing that showed up was the white for the ripple caps. I guess the colors need to have more contrast under there, but live and learn, and I'm still fairly happy with the result.
Comments are greatly appreciated!

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#104766 Rating: 9 7 Oct 2004
I am with Kwailung here. The face is very engaging. But the base does not do it for me. My only thought along those line would be a bigger lilly pad, but of course that would by all appearance make the fairy seem smaller
#102174 Rating: 9 17 Sep 2004
Incredible work! Love the mini, especially the face, skin tone and wings, but I hate the base. Totally competes too much with the mini's boots and detracts from the overall look. But I'm rating it based on the mini itself -- again, super work.
#102015 Rating: 8 16 Sep 2004
You should be pleased. The skintones are very smooth, but as you said this picture has a few flaws. However I can see that your work is going to be a serious contender for top placing on here......Where's me Hammer!






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