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Space Marine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Jarrett

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Space Marine

Space Marine

This was inspired by Cyril's individual space marine work. Turns out glowing eyes are pretty hard to do - so I gave up after a few tries. The NMM on the sword did not work out well - a fact I discovered after photographing. I'm relatively pleased with the armor, and the epicast base. The concept is a Marine base is being invaded by Tyranids, and this marine hasn't had tiem to put on all his armor before being pulled into the fray - he wields a severed Tyranid talon in his off hand.

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#166401 Rating: 9 3 Feb 2006
power suit comes off?
#103479 Rating: 8 27 Sep 2004
Nice, Jarret, the dents in the armour are great, they really give it some texture. The blood splatter is also quite cool....the eyes were probably just hard cause you were trying to do in a red surface, instead of a nice white, neutralish one. At least, I think so, Victoria Lamb said in her lighting tut that effects like that are always easier to do on neutral stuff
#103129 Rating: 8 24 Sep 2004
its an energy sword Luch . I think that a head without helm would be more suitable for the context of the mini. buf! my english is worse day by day...
#102844 Rating: 8 22 Sep 2004
OK, I won't comment on the paintjob, because it is great as always. But in my opinion you've made a conceptional error in your conversion. I assume that you don't drive a motorbike, otherwise you should know, that the last think that you don is the helmet!! Therefore the conversion simply doesn'T look right to me. Without a helmet and the backpack I would have rated it a 9, but so it is an 8 in my opinion. A rate less than that would be an insult to your obvious talent.
#102798 Rating: 9 21 Sep 2004
great concept n conversion, i have one question tho... y is only the tyranid claw hav blood on it n no the sword?
#102531 Rating: 8 20 Sep 2004
Nice idea behid this one, and I realy like the damage on the armor. Base looks cool too.






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