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Shadow Dragon (Sayah Ejhada)
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by Dragonsreach


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Shadow Dragon (Sayah Ejhada)

Shadow Dragon (Sayah Ejhada)

So here he is at last, Sayah Ejahda, (Shadow Dragon). An Iron Winds Metals High Elf General. I painted this as a trade deal with “darthfoley” for a spare Heroclix Batman.

When we arranged the deal I looked at the figure on Iron Winds website and was puzzling over how to paint him up. It wasn’t until I’d actually got the face done that the whole concept of the figure’s colour scheme began to take shape. As the face is very haughty and stern (almost cruel), when I was painting it I began to realise that I needed to emphasis the aloof manner hence the way it eventually came out.
As for the colour scheme I opted to make the light fall from above the right shoulder and therefore across the clothing and Armour in that manner. Of course I had to go NMM. I wanted to keep to a dark toned but fairly regal colour choice for the chain mail edging and inner cloth, so I used Vallejo Dark Sea Blue, mixed with GW’s Hawk Turquoise for the highlights. Once that was done I sent a WIP to darthfoley asking for suggestions for the outer cloak.
He came back with the idea of Purple. (Which I thought was going to look Yuck! Plus, I know what a swine purple can be to paint). However when I was thinking about it, I dug my colour wheel out and was studying it to try to see if there was an alternative. I was greatly surprised to see that the Blue-green the Gold and Purple actually form a triangle on the wheel and therefore would work.
So the Purple it was. Starting with a mix of GW’s Liche Purple and Chaos Black I made the base coat and them added more Liche Purple to the mix, gradually adding more and more Liche then transferring to Royale Purple (Vallejo) and then Citadel Worm Purple for the final touches.
Once this was done, I knew that cloak was crying out for some Freehand. So, as it happens, a few years ago I worked for a company owned by Iranians, and we were discussing Farsi Script one day, one of my then colleagues was kind enough to transcribe some words from English into their Farsi equivalent and to put the Phonetic English down as well. So the words on the cloak read (right to left) Sayah Ejahda, which is Shadow Dragon. So the character now has a name, I just hope that Dwight likes him as much as I do. (The Gold Script on the base is the same name just done in Arabic (Saudi) script.)

As always comments are most welcome.

UPDATE: This mini was featured in the showcase of Harbinger Issue 13.

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Viewer comments:
#106071 Rating: 8 15 Oct 2004
I like the paintjob, the helmet looks great, and so does the purple cloak, but the teal tabard and chainmail do not have a lot of contrqast to them. i realise that it's a dark elf, but the edges could do with another highlight to seperate the different areas a bit more. also, the cream sash looks like it's coming from nowhere, and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the theme, i'd give it the same kind of freehand to unify it.
#105066 Rating: 10 9 Oct 2004
I agree the color scheme is great, and you have pulled of the perfect facial expression for him.
#104862 Rating: 10 7 Oct 2004
PLEASE tell me you took this to GD. WOW.
#104142 Rating: 10 2 Oct 2004
Awesome piece Mike! THe colros simply pop out. Every detail is done very nicely! Bravo! - Glyn
#104088 Rating: 10 2 Oct 2004
I'm probably biased, since I own this one, but hey...I call 'em as I see 'em. Thanks so much, Mike. I love him. He will sit near me while I paint, and I hope he tells me some of your painting secrets!






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