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Skaven Warlord
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Margo

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Skaven Warlord

Skaven Warlord

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#106137 Rating: 9 15 Oct 2004
The quality of the paint job especially the NMM goes without saying and is indeed superb however isn't it a just a bit too "Clean" for Skaven?
#106115 Rating: 10 15 Oct 2004
You just have to love those skaven! Great paint job.
#106112 Rating: 10 15 Oct 2004
definately a ten, its been a long time without seeing a really-well-painted skaven. IMO they are one of the armies the most diffcult to achieve an amazing result, but you have done it perfectly so congratulations albert
#106082 Rating: 10 15 Oct 2004
Fantastic work, the colors are very strong and vivid, and the NMM is simply fantastic;it´s the first time I really think a skaven doesn´t look like.. well.. a dirty rat.
#106079 Rating: 10 15 Oct 2004
Amazing!Great NMM it seems even to clean for a skaven but who cares it is great!
#106077 Rating: 10 15 Oct 2004
A while back there was a thread bemoaning the lack of skaven scoring top scores, well its because they weren't painted this good. My only complaint is he looks a little clean.
#106076 Rating: 10 15 Oct 2004
this one is really cool,just look at how smoothly the nmm works on this baby!!!,the only thing i would have done different is the bright red on this guy,tone it down a bit, and the metals will come out even more,but overall it rocks!!..nice work..ryan
#106068 Rating: 9 15 Oct 2004
Real eyecatching quality paint job and subtle basing. This rat-dude must have his slaves busy polishing his armour.
#106054 Rating: 9 15 Oct 2004
Very nice. It's nice to see some Skaven stuff painted this good. But there's one thing: The armour is too clean and shiny for a Ratman. Maybe some weathering and I'd give it a 10.
#106009 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2004
Your NMM is flawless !!! Absolutely beautiful !! Your color choice really makes all of the details stand out without being overbearing. Love the green gem and the rope. Excellent Job !!!






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