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Chaos Lord
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by pitcube


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Chaos Lord

Chaos Lord

this guy sprang to my mind with a clearly angelic background, but more of a fallen Angel
composing his wings and armour from spikes and blades.
the scythe is a conglomerat of different plastic pieces as is the mini itself
(again, i cut a plastic termi in little pieces only to reassemble it in a more natural pose).
the light-from-inside-the-armour effect is reminiscent to Adrian Smith´s Horus painting
(i hope it shows in the first place...).
to give the chap a slightly more unusual look (chaos - unusual....hmmm)i filed his mouth flat and added agonized faces in the armour-paintjob (possibly not discernible in the pic-
as well as the tiny runes on EVERY f@*king wing-spike -i was not amused to not being able to discover them in the pic)...god, i talk and talk...
please comment and tell me what you think! Thank you for looking!

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Viewer comments:
#238950 Rating: 8 21 Oct 2007
meh, Really chaotic and nice color combo, but comparitively with the plethora in your profile...kind of sub-par. Nice work...just not as impressive as you've made me come to expect.
#170677 Rating: 9 9 Mar 2006
very nice, very blury pics, and only one problem I think is that the ultramarines head just seems out of place on the warrior of khorne. You shoulda use something like Iron hands, or whatever they are because they're heads are black, but you would have to make an indication it was iron hands
#135433 Rating: 8 3 Jun 2005
Better pics, please! Looks very promising!
#121541 Rating: 9 8 Feb 2005
NICE............ Being a warrior of choas I would gladly fallow that thing into battle. Defenatly got that evil feel going for it.
#109824 Rating: 8 11 Nov 2004
Wish I could see this 'in the flesh' - I feel the image doesn't do this piece justice. I really like the spiked-wing idea (might have to 'borrow' that idea from you). The base is simple and effective. Good work.
#107779 Rating: 7 26 Oct 2004
Great conversion, some clearer pics would be good, I cant really make out the painting.
#106810 19 Oct 2004
Wow, thank you! i hope to improve my photography skills and repost the pic, but really this is my best try yet... as for the is funny, i dearly hoped for it to be THE focal point (possibly i persuaded myself it looked cool no matter the reality... again a case of painter´s tunnelview) but maybe a better pic will remedy even that (hope dies last...)
#106563 Rating: 7 18 Oct 2004
really nice... kinda reminded me of an anime... and now that you mention it... i can see some faint indications of runes on those spikes... but the let down is the face... i do see the effort to paint that lighting effect... but it's too red to make out the face... at least you're doing the lighting effects... i'm still thinking about doing it...
#106340 Rating: 8 17 Oct 2004
I want to see some better pics! It looks fantastic - great theme and very individual. Good work!
#106327 Rating: 9 17 Oct 2004
The best Chaoslord I've seen, fantastic ! Just one thing I like less (or I can't see very well) is the head. If you sell it, contact me please






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