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Grey Knights Dreadnought, Gold at UK GD 2004
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by nano

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Grey Knights Dreadnought, Gold at UK GD 2004

Grey Knights Dreadnought, Gold at UK GD 2004

After 9 months without painting, this it is my last work. First place at the UK GD 2004 in the vehicle category. This is my first attempt of painting metallics oxydation with washes. The base is a tribute to Cyril, he inspired me. The number is freehand. I hope you like it.
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Viewer comments:
#108044 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
ahora solo me falta tener tus manos, tu paciencia, tuu estilo, tu casa soleada y tu capacidad para sacar fotos perfecta para tener una golden de oro en uk..todavia keda esperanza. genial
#108036 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
(9.8) One *tiny* issue: the blue eyes should not light the top of the head. They are set in too deeply and that armor plate protrudes over them, it would receive no blue light (except perhaps a faint diffuse reflection from the inside of the perforated face guard). Overall, however, it's magnificent.
#108035 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
Wow, a fantastic dread, the true embodyment of what a Grey Knight war machine should look like - I play grey knights myself, by the way!! The fantastic base would be worth an additional poin, but there´s no room to add to a 10
#108027 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
ola fer ya te he comentado la otra foto... joder eres 1 megacrack flipante eres el mejor de españa pintando, eres.... bueno, inceible, esta vez en barna no te preocupes que te ametrallare a preguntas hasta que pienses que soy un puto niñato pesadisimo pero es que no puedo desaprovechar el hecho de conocerte para aprender!! Por cierto han abierto un foro sobre tu mini, metete alli que le gente te reclama, y es que no me extraña, no se pueden dar sustos como este despues de tanto tiempo sin pintar... Me alegro que te haya vuelto la ilusion FELICIDADES!! albert- un fan XDXDDXD
#108026 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
Well it put GW's pathetic attempts at photography shown on their website to shame. This doesn't even look like the same model. It is an exceptional piece of work, without doubt the best dreadnought I have ever seen. Your gold was a deserved award and IMHO this is probably the best vehicle entry I have ever seen. Now please promise me you will never enter Golden Deamon UK again.
#108022 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
Well deserved GD. It's just immaculate.
#108015 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
Impressive. Deserved to win. Can't wait to see more works of yours.
#108011 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
UUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU IMPRESIONantTTeeeE k guapo tio ........!!!!!!!!! me encanta, felizidades x el oro realmente es terrible i muy bien mericido! oO
#107998 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
Amazing Paintjob, perfect !
#107992 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
it's fantastic job,..metal it' great bravo, congrats for your demon.






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