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The Queen of Crime
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by thomas

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The Queen of Crime

The Queen of Crime

I sculpted and painted this 54mm miniature for my pleasure some months ago, I really enjoyed both design and conception of this mini. I had a really hard time to take pictures of it, but I'll try to take better ones soon (and to finish painting, I have a few things to add...) I tried a lot of different putties on it, to test their properties, that's why the "green" is quite colored!
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Viewer comments:
#111174 Rating: 10 20 Nov 2004
Every think is perfect ! great freehand,great sculpture, Great painting And ofcourse great style!
#110724 Rating: 10 17 Nov 2004
Grrr, je suis sur que tu avais la place de faire une fresque dans sa montre, non? Allez, vivement la prochaine!! jerems
#110504 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2004
Perfect sculp, perfect paintwork. These minis really define the word 'sinister'. Incredible work, straight 10!
#110485 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2004
This right here is the definition of a perfect mini. I don't understand how ANYONE could justify giving this less than a 10. It's a beautiful sculpt, and he made it from scratch. The paintjob is wonderful, and there is plenty of great freehand designs. This IS perfection.
#109578 Rating: 10 9 Nov 2004
This mini is just the best. The sculpting work is great, and the painting the same...I like the dark atmosphere, and the freehands are...I haven´t words!!
#109576 Rating: 10 9 Nov 2004
She looks very fine and fragile, like a precious porcelain doll; and yet very much alive.
#109505 Rating: 10 8 Nov 2004
The freehand is nothing less than the best I have ever seen! When I look at it, I can sense every line and every highlight. You really are a master, when you are able to place highligts and shadows so ultra smooth and elegant. I am in awe.
#109469 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2004
This is truly one of the few "Oh my God!" models. Jawdropping stuff. Wow.
#109441 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2004
Wow. Absolutely evrything about this model is superb.
#109437 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2004
.............. (sans voix) Plus sérieusement, j'adore, cet aspect si froid, si acier vivant de la peinture, top !!! par contre j'ai lu tes inspirations sur ton Mail de la ML, bravo, mais moi ce serait plutôt une Darth Queen Amidala ! Encore plus sérieusement, cette figurine sera t'elle produite un jour ???? Si oui, j'en prends une direct !! Bonne continuation futur N°1 du top ten ???






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