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The Queen of Crime
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by thomas

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The Queen of Crime

The Queen of Crime

I sculpted and painted this 54mm miniature for my pleasure some months ago, I really enjoyed both design and conception of this mini. I had a really hard time to take pictures of it, but I'll try to take better ones soon (and to finish painting, I have a few things to add...) I tried a lot of different putties on it, to test their properties, that's why the "green" is quite colored!
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Viewer comments:
#109435 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2004
WOW ! J'en veux une !!
#109414 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2004
Superb! The details are exquisite, the face is sublime, and the paint job is truly awe-inspiring.
#109375 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2004
OWWW...I saw this mini in france and i have never seen a scuplt so fine. You have a characterist style and with every mini that you make and paint, your technic go higher. The face and the cloaks are amazing and the bionic arm...uffff. Congratulations
#109316 Rating: 10 6 Nov 2004
S'il te plait, arrête de peindre!! Tu décourages certains! (bravo qund même)!
#109313 Rating: 10 6 Nov 2004
Superbe 'nuff said.
#109309 Rating: 10 6 Nov 2004
Cyber Amidala! Classy work
#109199 Rating: 10 6 Nov 2004
Superbe la peinture est sublime et la sculpture de tres haut niveau (bon , il y a juste la main qui avec la montre qui me chagrine un peu mais c'est surement du a la photo)
#109196 Rating: 10 6 Nov 2004
How this can get anything but a 10 I dont know. Unfragin' believable! I love it!
#109160 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2004
OH mon dieu ! "sans commentaire"
#109109 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2004
Incredible work here. This is about as close to perfection as I can imagine. Bravo!!






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