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Forgeworld Ork Warlord Bust, 2nd try!
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Brushguy

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Forgeworld Ork Warlord Bust, 2nd try!

Forgeworld Ork Warlord Bust, 2nd try!

This is my 2nd attempt in painting this supercool Orc Warlord Bust produced by Forgeworld.
This time I tried to be more "natural" and pale with the greens.
The rust on the armour is a real rusting color from a company called "Modern Options"
Much more and detailed images soon to come on my website.
Hope you like this one. Of course comments are welcome.

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Viewer comments:
#371082 Rating: 10 4 Jun 2012
This is absolutely great, one of the best painted sculpts I´ve ever seen (and the others are your`s, too ;-))
#262783 Rating: 9 25 Jun 2008
This ... mmh... lives - great work, Dirk!
#110564 Rating: 10 16 Nov 2004
This is incredible. The weathered metallics are amazing. I thought version 1 was excellent - this is even better. One criticism: The wolf looks too alive! I'm not sure about current wolf fashions, but the face (probably the eyes) appears too animated - could be the sculpt itself. Regardless, this is a top-quality piece.

#110395 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2004
very very nice work. the wolf is very impressive, as alive!
#110370 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2004
wow! now thats an ugly ork...very nice job The eyes are simply remarkable from both the ork and the wolf...really scary And the fur!...with the yellowish/brownish parts...great!
#109700 Rating: 9 10 Nov 2004
Hey Dirk, great paintjob, and congrats with the prizes you won with it last weekend at Crisis 2004 But I must say this model looks a lot better in person. Greets from Belgium, -Gerrie.
#109691 Rating: 10 10 Nov 2004
Woah, great! I fell he's about to jump out of my screen to attack me... Superb!






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