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Orc Warlord Bust - Forgeworld
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Brokenblade

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Orc Warlord Bust - Forgeworld

Orc Warlord Bust - Forgeworld

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#136104 Rating: 10 8 Jun 2005
Truly nice paintjob on this big fella! First of all, I really love the color scheme! The nmm is superb too, special attention to the chains. It seems like you have nursed all the details very well, I can't set my finger on any particulary small flaw. A shame that you didn't get any more than 60 pounds for it. It was definately worth a lot more!
#118407 Rating: 9 15 Jan 2005
#112535 Rating: 9 1 Dec 2004
That is one fantastic job, I think you did a helluva job with it. Only thing I can 'pick' on is the plume on the head - seems like it should just have a bit more to it, but overall - lovely job. Damn, and you already sold it!
#112534 Rating: 10 1 Dec 2004
Definately a 10 from me. I love your style of painting. The chain is worth 10 alone. I can't find much to pick on. But maybe you might think on personalize it even more. It's always nice to look upon a figure and see that it has a history. A small rune or a subtle conversion could make the difference. Amazing job!
#112138 Rating: 9 28 Nov 2004
84 votes on a mini at 9 and I'm first to comment . Woooah. Great job on the skin, love it. Very good NMM on the chain, cool wolf head. The only thing keeping it from 10 is that the helmet still looks a bit plain to me. Maybe a bit close to plastic... Anyway, great job!






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