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Scratchbuilt Imperial Deep-Space Fighter
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by Hortwerth

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Scratchbuilt Imperial Deep-Space Fighter

Scratchbuilt Imperial Deep-Space Fighter

This plane is scratchbuilt and uses a 1-litre beer can as a superstructure . It was made using the image at the bottom of the page 153 of the Battlefleet Gothic "Blue Book" as inspiration. Quote (BGBBp153): "We fell upon them as hawks do from cloudless sky. Cannon were our terrible claws and lasers our ripping beaks."

This fighter is built with a single use in mind: to fight in vacuum, to reach the velocity of a starship and to exceed it. It is basically a single enormous rocket engine, with its power directed to different nozzles to provide maneuverability. The five nozzles at the beak are the retros, arranged around the central large engine.

No wonder that the pilots brave enough to fly it are a little bit... eccentric.

The wings are used mainly as weapon mounts but allow the fighter to enter atmosphere and retain maneuvering for a short period, effectively making long bounces with orbital speed, smashing the target and jumping out of the atmosphere to the cold safety of the space.

The idea is that the fighter was originally equipped with dual twin-linked autocannons mounted in the centre of each wing's front edge, but was later refitted with dual twin-linked lascannons that are mounted in such a way as to allow firing at things not laying directly at the path of the Fighter - it enables to use more sophisticated targetting system. The lascannons also produce less recoil, which helps to keep the fighter on course, and pack more punch, which enable it to engage more heavily-armoured vessels.

It actually won me a first prize in the "40k vehicle" category at Teleport 2003 painting competition - the judges especially liked the atmosphere-entry-burn weathering.

I think it would look a better if I used an aerograph to paint it... But I have none.

It uses a lot of shelf space, so...
It is on eBay now as a MicroArt Studio's one.

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#294091 Rating: 10 26 May 2009
#119528 Rating: 9 23 Jan 2005
That is one awesome conversion and paint job. Well done
#111541 Rating: 9 23 Nov 2004
Very well though-out and executed. An excellent piece.






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