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Necrarch Vampire sculpt
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by ramonlaan


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Necrarch Vampire sculpt

Necrarch Vampire sculpt

Hi all,

This is a sculpt of a Necrarch Vampire after some artwork in the armybook. Always intended as an one-off sculpt I painted it with pleasure after sculpting. To get across that sinister and thorougly evil 'feel' of these Vampires I tried to paint it with green witchfire lighting effects and overall I am pretty pleased with it.

Hope you like it too. More pictures can be found in the gallery on my website:


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Viewer comments:
#283818 Rating: 9 11 Feb 2009
wow simple but great
#212790 Rating: 10 29 Jan 2007
i have seen some of your work and look great, this one gives me the creeps so thats the way a necrarck must look
#185700 Rating: 10 15 Jul 2006
I love it. It´s so full of character I can hardly believe it. One minor point I noticed after some minutes of staring: the green light would not reflect on the top of his collar, only the bottom. Maybe you should correct that, then it will be perfect.
#148680 Rating: 9 14 Sep 2005
Amazing, I love that picture and you captured it brilliantly.
#113609 Rating: 9 8 Dec 2004
J'adore, l'a l'air mechante la bestiole^^ il est tard?...
#113488 Rating: 10 8 Dec 2004
Great sculpted and very creative paintjob (the base is great too)
#113386 Rating: 9 7 Dec 2004
Wow... wow 8)
#113140 Rating: 9 5 Dec 2004
Love the green light effect. My necrons are jealous.
#113127 Rating: 10 5 Dec 2004
Looks fantastic.While some might pick at technical imperfections on the lighting,the overall effect is excellent.Great sculpt too.






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