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Witchhunter Sera
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: Fantasy

by goatman

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Witchhunter Sera

Witchhunter Sera

Now the name explains it all .... at first i wanted to have a female witchhunter with wings, something like an angel. I started about a year before the witchhunter-codex for 40k came out (yes, i´m slow and sadly too busy). Now i´ve finished it and added an extra-book as an exchange for people who don´t like the wings.

If everything goes right the mini will be available at soon.

Hope you like it

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Viewer comments:
#165285 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
Careful selling it, goatman. There is such a thing as copyright infringment (especially when the outsider made a better sculpt than the GW sculpt lol)
#136591 Rating: 10 11 Jun 2005
Please e-mail me with your methods for sculpting with green stuff. How long to let it dry? Individual pieces? I'm a good painter, but I really don't know how to sculpt with this stuff, short of making fur.
#118324 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2005
outstanding, as you paint jobs...
#118301 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2005
Can't wait to see this in pewter!! Great work Sascha!
#116036 Rating: 10 30 Dec 2004
It's beautiful, I'm glad you are going to make it available to all us painters out there
#115715 Rating: 10 28 Dec 2004
Hot damn! Thats cool, and its gonna be available to buy? Wicked
#115711 Rating: 8 28 Dec 2004
I don´t like it. I Love it!!! How ????
#115644 Rating: 10 27 Dec 2004
Hello but you have not never answered me for the piece (Valten) that it had commissioned to you Wolfane. You can once say to me for all if me you will send? Donato salvi ( terminetor1965)

#115641 Rating: 10 27 Dec 2004
i send a private message the mini is very very good
#115631 Rating: 10 26 Dec 2004
i've been watchin this mini for months (if not for years) now and i never thought you're actually going to finish her but i am happy you did! awesome detail work and even if its for fantasy it would make a perfect female ][. only question i have is what is this stuff around the burning kettle? nevertheless great sculpt






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