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Valdenar, Baron du Doriman
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by Arkaal

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Valdenar, Baron du Doriman

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#293333 Rating: 9 18 May 2009
Euh,9,5,les zones pourpres sont pas assez éclaircies,et sinon je vais aller me pendre...
#128271 Rating: 10 30 Mar 2005
Sweet NMM, blends, etc, but the freehand, beautiful!!! You have inspired me. -James
#116461 Rating: 9 3 Jan 2005
Fantastic. You never cease to amaze, and inspire me. I'd love to know your secret methods for achieving such beautiful work...
#116379 Rating: 9 2 Jan 2005
The NMM is outstanding as always. on the last picture the axe looks as if it was real. However the matter how amazing the freehands are (oh yes, they are absolutely fantastic!) the cape itself is pulling the mini down. it does not look shaded at all and especially where it touches the metal parts it looks unnatural and rough. none the less outstanding, but not a 10 - of course just in my opinion.
#116359 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2005
Wow! You just earned my respect with that cape. It has been a long time since I have seen something like this. It is so delicate with it is smoothness and colors - very realistic. The freehand also earns good points in my book, good design and a 0,1 mm precission!
#116281 Rating: 10 1 Jan 2005
Excellent work. I would have liked to see more delineation between the cloak and armor but still worthy of a 10.
#116274 Rating: 10 1 Jan 2005
et bien,les derniers modeles que tu nous à proposé sont encore un niveau plus haut, la lumiere posée sur le griffon , la geule d'enfer du mid nor et là cette perfection des nuances ,et la brillance deliquate et noble du personnage,sur ce genre de fig je mettais 8.6 8.7 jusqu'ici mais là c'est proche de la perfection à mon niveau meme si ce n'est pas une piece des plus difficile à peindre (pour le socle,ok,un dallage ,une rosace,une sculpture par moulage d'un bouclier par exemple aurait enrichis la piece) 9.2
#116262 Rating: 10 1 Jan 2005
Fantastic! The freehand lines on the figure are amazing, and the metallics, WOW! You always use same kind of bases, because of army or what?
#116223 Rating: 10 31 Dec 2004
10 10 10 10 10!!! incredible, the red freehands the best of all for me...... just 1 thing, will you ever change your basing style? Just kidding, amazingly good cheers - albert-
#116216 Rating: 10 31 Dec 2004
An absolutely Beautiful Figure. I was really left beathless!!






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