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Reaper Yvonne Warmaiden by James
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Wappellious

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Reaper Yvonne Warmaiden by James

Reaper Yvonne Warmaiden by James

It's been a little while since my last stab at SE-NMM, so this was fun to get back into.

Lots of hard to reach spots, however, made it a lot tougher than originally anticipated!

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#144895 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2005
Freehand and SE-NMM are real eyecather !!
#116601 Rating: 10 4 Jan 2005
I think I hate you... or maybe I love you. *sigh* As always, a gorgeous mini. Keep up the fantastic work. *thumbs up*
#116595 Rating: 9 4 Jan 2005
Beautiful. My only comment would be to have done the hairpiece 'wings' in SENMM also. the gold just melds into the hair too much. Other wise, very nice indeed.
#116576 Rating: 8 3 Jan 2005
Well, I did say JMHO. Still, I think it looks more like blue-tinted chrome rather than chrome that is reflecting the sky. Maybe its because I feel like its a little too blue in spots that should be getting minimal exposure to the sky? I can't pin exactly which parts, but some on the right leg are bugging me. I can't believe I didn't mention the freehand though, you're quite right, its first rate! How about a tutorial?
#116466 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2005
I have to disagree with KatieG on the reflectivity of metal. Chrome will reflect very highly and even though it wasn't around in medievil times who's to say that in fantasy terms there isnt an equivilent process. One thing that hasn't been discussed is the quailty of the Freehand on the shield. Just by looking at it and analysing the way it's been done has given me a far better insight into how to improve my own. Thanks again James.
#116312 Rating: 8 1 Jan 2005
This is a beautiful piece and far better than I could do, but it's a little too blue. Shiny metal won't reflect the blue sky THAT much, I feel like it should be more white than blue at the higher points. JMHO of course.
#116217 Rating: 9 31 Dec 2004
magnificent, 10/10 SE-NMM, very bright and shiny
#116184 Rating: 10 31 Dec 2004
Perfect James.Very bright.






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