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Reaper Dark Maiden
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by EricJ

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Reaper Dark Maiden

Reaper Dark Maiden

Beware Lost Sailors, An Angel Comes For You....

The moment I saw this miniature I fell in love with it and knew I needed to work on something special for her. However due to my competely lack of skill sculpting I knew I could not pull off waves for her base...

Then it hit me, to paint her over a glassy smooth water, without her casting as much as a ripple. The reflections of the moon and sky through her on the water showing her ghostly nature and set the scene of a crisp cold night at sea, with a dark angel in search of lost sailors. The entire base is freehand painting except for the 2 rocks of course.

Anyway, I hope you like her, Comments and critisisms are of course welcomed!

Thank you,

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Viewer comments:
#404076 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2013
Love it!
#297273 Rating: 10 24 Jun 2009
I think this is one of the best minis I've ever seen It's simply perfect and awesome and I can't imagine enough words to say how cool the freehand on the base is ^^
#151755 Rating: 10 4 Oct 2005
Personally, I like the green. It's looks like a drowned woman. Much better fit for the nautical theme than an ethereal blue-white.
#144764 Rating: 10 15 Aug 2005
Fantastic.. But how does it look from other angles? Obviously, painted reflections like these can only look good from one angle, but on a picture it's great.
#128759 Rating: 10 4 Apr 2005
I feel redundant giving it yet another 10, but to give it less would be criminal. Heinously criminal. Like a few other commenters, the only thing I can possibly think to poo-poo in this, is the green skin, more out of preference than anything else. It's sheer brilliance. I'm yet another to add her to my favourites list.
#118492 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2005
owww, fantastic. the reflect of the water is great the best that i have ever seen. Great mini
#118418 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2005
All I could say when I saw this on the Reaper boards was "Holy Crap!" This is easily the best paint job I have ever seen. Wow.
#118406 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2005
simply amazing. A perfect paintjob, my only trouble with it (and I'm stretching to find trouble mind you) is the green skin. A ghostly pale blue would have gone better with the purple IMHO. Keep in mind however I'm trying to give critique, not mindless worship (though I do mindlessly worship your power) and thus have to add a "you could have done this part better" part. Overall 10 out of ten if i've ever seen one. Anyone who gives less is jealous.
#118359 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2005
not only did you come up with a wonderful new idea, your technique is simply stunning. I think this mini is even underrated at a 9.5 just jaw-dropping work m8 !
#118308 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2005
What a wonderfull piece - I'm really speechless!!






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