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Iron Warrior Demon Prince Conversion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Harmful Rooster

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Iron Warrior Demon Prince Conversion

Iron Warrior Demon Prince Conversion

I know the base isnt flocked etc yet, its one of those things i keep meaning to do.

Pieces added to the figure include the old chaos predator lascannon (hammer pole), two pieces from the lord of the rings battering ram (end of hammer) and claws from an orc boss.

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Viewer comments:
#180980 Rating: 7 4 Jun 2006
The hammer conversion looks nice, but the prince would not look so out of balance (imho) if he would'nt hold the hammer pole at the very lower end. Do the base!! Otherwise: very nice.
#156017 Rating: 7 12 Nov 2005
Nice painting, but his claw is a too small :/ But love the warhammer! Looks big, raw and dangerous - just the way chaos should look like!
#138135 Rating: 7 23 Jun 2005
Very good in terms of painting, but I feel that the flesh is much to pink: almost Slannesh. Still, keep up the good work.
#120415 Rating: 7 31 Jan 2005
It is good but still looks unfinished. And I dont like his claw, sorry.
#119938 Rating: 7 27 Jan 2005
Well, I really like the appirience of the model. It's very well painted, and the conversions are really cool. Also there is great pintjob on the claws, face and othwer non-metalic parts... Howerver, as for me - armour is not looking as it shoud be... you can definately do it better (considering how you did other parts). Also - i wonder, why a lot of artists do not finish their works before adding them to coolmini... unfinished base, strange metal - well, it brings seven, for me Anyway - great daemon prince, add pics when its finished...






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