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AtB -repainted-
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Kaple

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AtB -repainted-

AtB -repainted-

After having received a lot of good comments on different forums and on coolminiornot I chose to follow some of them. Many people made me aware of things I hadn't seen myself.

The things I changed:

Made everything outside the light-cone darker

Painted the nails on the base to be rusty

Painted his boots more dirty

And lastly the shells in the light-cone have been lightened up

So, thanks for all the good and helpfull comments from all of you.

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Viewer comments:
#344595 Rating: 8 19 Apr 2011
Not bad, but the white looks sorta more like freehand patterns than light reflections. I've never done light reflections but I would say that you use a lighter shade of blue rather than white, I would also say you take a photo of the model before it's been highlighted with the light effect and shine a light onto it from a good distance at your desired angle so you know where and how to shade. Great work though, a well deserved score, congrats!
#319552 Rating: 9 9 Apr 2010
this is an amazing piece! As said before, the composition is great and "full of life"...As for the light effect, I think everything is perfectly executed except maybe the reflexion on the armor which is too bright to me, and that's why it's not a 10 to my point of vue, but i don't think it's as horrible or ruining the whole thing as said before at all!...So good job on this very very cool mini!
#283770 Rating: 8 11 Feb 2009
I agree with the lighting and the gun placement. excellent job!!! but the white makes me cringe me and my friends have a pact to never use white in art EVER! ahha damn good job though man =] i love it!
#250788 Rating: 10 20 Feb 2008
good work!!!
#239792 Rating: 9 29 Oct 2007
sitting tere like a naughty boy??what are you talking about?!?! he's showing his humanity coming through his god like status as a space marine.he's beginning to wonder is it all worth it-meaning he's having doubts in his own will to fight...he could easily be falling down the dark path of chaos...this piece is awesome,not for the painting (which is good) but for the emotion
#226281 Rating: 9 9 Jun 2007
Its good, but why is he just sitting there like he has been a naughty little boy.
#217358 Rating: 10 5 Mar 2007
Great Job Kaple! I think you did an outstanding job positioning and painting this mini. I'm in the military and can tell any naysayers that the weapon positioning is correct. There are lots of conditions where you would change the position of the weapon (rain, snow, mud). In this case it looks like hard terrain with rocks. You wouldnt want a rock in the barrel. Also, he's in a safe zone, or he would be using better light discipline, so he doesn't need his weapons to be "ready".
#216631 Rating: 9 28 Feb 2007
agreed no space marine would put weapons that far away from him, and im not sure what hes doin? takin a breather?
#168941 Rating: 10 24 Feb 2006
Gotta just disagree with Ogrebane, there. No self-respecting professional soldier would place his weapon muzzle down in the mud, due to the threat of a muzzle blockage. Whether the same would apply to a chainsword, I honestly couldn't say.
#168669 Rating: 9 22 Feb 2006
Love it.






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