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Sappire Drake (repost)
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by bushido

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Sappire Drake (repost)

Sappire Drake (repost)

I recently bought a new camera. This is just to compare the two versions of the image...the earlier is #56845. Tell me what you think. Thanks.

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#403626 Rating: 9 6 Sep 2013
Very nice1
#310528 Rating: 10 12 Dec 2009
very nice! i like the bubbles on the greaves. damn fine job. somebody already wants to date her- does she have a sister? who says they ain't no such thing as female space marines? lol.
#241587 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2007
freehand is somewhat amazing. i think i shall make myself a female space marine... yes... i'm going to "borrow" your idea.... for a whole squad! lol then ally with witch hunters
#175059 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2006
She's a knockout!
#172677 Rating: 9 27 Mar 2006
Comments like this "Becouse, there really is no such thing" kill me, because there really is no such thing as a Space Marine fanboy! Great job on the mini.
#163017 Rating: 9 11 Jan 2006
Outstanding mini, but... Is it supposed to be a female space marine? Becouse, there really is no such thing.. Great work though
#136112 Rating: 9 8 Jun 2005
Maybe her base is a plain-ol' rock because she frequently fights in areas covered in plain-ol' rocks. It doesn't always have to be about artistic display.
#132275 Rating: 10 7 May 2005
A date with her.... ;o)
#121503 Rating: 10 8 Feb 2005
Superb work! And I wouldn't call the base boring. I'd call it classy
#120214 Rating: 8 29 Jan 2005
Nice mini but there are several things i found strange. 1st, her breastplates look strange, as thats the only part with SENMM. 2. The base looks pretty boring.






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