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ambush in the underground 1
Manufacturer: ManorHouse Workshop
Category: Terrain

by ManorhouseWorkshop

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ambush in the underground 1

ambush in the underground 1

sorry, I was forced to repost this image, because the original was cancelled..
don't know the reason.. still waiting an answer from Chern Ann. By the way
this was at the first place in the Top Ten Terrain Gallery.

Display for mindstalkers miniatures in scale 35 - 40 mm.

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Viewer comments:
#246490 Rating: 9 6 Jan 2008
Le décor s' intégre super bien avec le terrain bravo !
#133508 Rating: 10 18 May 2005
This is high professional quality and would look good as a set in a Hollywood movie.
#121649 9 Feb 2005
hi antenociti, this work is realized with manor house modular system items, as all the others at whom you have gived 7, because at this work have you gived 9? for me, every my work is realized always with enthusiasm and care
#121550 Rating: 9 8 Feb 2005
This is a better effort from Manor House than a lot of their submissions: this one looks as though its had some proper attention paid to it in terms of detailing, tress, vegetation and weathering. Modular terrain, buildable from kits, has to be something extraordinarily special to warrant the best marks imo. This is close, but no cigar simply because it is made from kit parts... buts it superior to a lot of the other Manor House items.
#120626 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2005
Now THAT'S a gaming board! It's so beautiful...






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