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Bertha Beastraufrung
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by victoria


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Bertha Beastraufrung

Bertha Beastraufrung

An attempt to create a Bertha Beastraurfung that looks like the cool drawing from the Mordhiem rulebook. She has the legs of a sister of battle, the head of a sister of sigmar, the rest is mostly greenstuff.

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Viewer comments:
#84278 Rating: 10 8 May 2004
DUDE I love all of your work i never can get over all of them...i wish i was as good as you at painting but i am new and have much to yeah NICE!.
#42297 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2003
That is an unbelievably good realisation of a piece of artwork. Respect!
#17224 Rating: 8 22 Oct 2002
A very solid model, but it doesn't quite have the feel of Bertha. In the art she looks pretty frail and overly feminine, yet at the same time very nasty. But the model doesn't have quite that much style to it. Technically speaking though, this is a VERY solid 8.
#15587 Rating: 9 6 Oct 2002
Very impressive conversion, the paint job ian't ba neither. great job
#12095 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2002
Once again you are showing us how painting/modelling should be done. You well deserve the kudos and awards you are getting with work like this. Very Well Done.
#11913 Rating: 9 30 Aug 2002
Wow! What a great example of a concept carried from the page to a finished model! The end result is great looking and very "faith"ful to the illustration.
#11891 Rating: 8 30 Aug 2002
i swear games workshop should pay people for some of hese great conversions so we can have them in our armies instead of waiting years (maleketh,dark elves) hoping to get a character in the rulebook made. would beat any hack job i did myself. great mini man. mb we should somehow talk to GW about that.........
#11825 Rating: 8 30 Aug 2002
Very nice work! I'd say you definately succeeded in your goal.
#11815 Rating: 9 30 Aug 2002
incredible. you have a very good eye for detail.






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