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Force Commander
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by bushido

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Force Commander

Force Commander

Here's the commander I painted for the Bolter and Chainsword's contest. I knew what color scheme I wanted right away (similar to the Slaanesh Lord I'd done a while ago), but couldn't for the life of me come up with a chapter name/iconography. Eventually, I settled on the "Crimson Lily", based loosely on Weis and Hickman's Knights of Takhisis...

This entire project was an exercise in patience...trying to push my skill to "the next level." I think I succeeded, but I still have a long way to go. This was also my first major NMM project, simply because it would force me to concentrate on my blending. I am particularly proud of the flesh tone...which was a rather unconventional technique for me: I didn't use any of my regular flesh colors...or at least nothing with the word "flesh" in it.

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Viewer comments:
#127165 Rating: 10 22 Mar 2005
Amazing! I got to see this one first-hand at GD Atlanta and let me say that it is even more impressive in person. Good work and congratulations on your Demon.
#122515 Rating: 10 15 Feb 2005
Wow! I tell you, this is a great inspiration for me! And I really learned some good things about painting nmm. Thanks!
#122057 Rating: 9 12 Feb 2005
a little bored of SM atm but i must admit yours is excellent nive freehand,perfect blendings except for the loincloth and nice SE-NMM
#121944 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2005
You should be very proud, your Commander came out stupendouly! Great Job!
#121909 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2005
two words: love it!!!
#121872 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2005
Ultra super cool work Truly inspiring The smooth highlights and colors woooow
#121861 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2005
WOW, what a cool mini! This does have all the things I love on a mini: nice and smooth blendings, great choice of colors and amazing freehand that enhance the whole work but are not "invasive". And I like it further more for it's so difficult to see a such original space marine!
#121666 Rating: 10 9 Feb 2005 the theme.....great!
#121645 Rating: 10 9 Feb 2005
All that pretty freehand, and you didnt put writing on the seals... I like how, if you view the mini from right to left, the highlights on the shoulderplates follow that direction of lighting. I dont know whether you intended that, but it works really well Watching this makes me want to do some more colourful work. Big thumbs up on this one, you rule!
#121616 Rating: 10 9 Feb 2005
Holy Crap !!!






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