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PAINT AID Ogre Standard
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Trevor

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PAINT AID Ogre Standard

PAINT AID Ogre Standard

This took a LOT longer than I was expecting, I had to rush it somewhat, but hopefully its come out OK. I painted it in four sections, Ogre, Standard, crows nest and Gnoblar. It didn't really end up like I was envisioning (especially the banner Great Maw), but I think he's quite striking, which is cool for a standard.
I stumbled across a new way of doing bronze for the gut plate, whilst doing the trousers, I spilt red paint on the finished gut plate, so I got a lot of water on my brush and started to wash it off, it went in all the crevices and I thought it made it look cool, so I actually added some blotches of red mixed with black ink (to make it red brown) to the gut plate. Doesn't come out in the pics too well, but I think it improves it.
Seeing as he was so busy already I kept the tattoos simple, just some teeth on his left shoulder.
I kept with the theme of red sheilds with CMON on the scroll, clearly this band of Ogres has defeated some knights of the CMON Order in the past
Comments welcome (although no complaining I didn't finish his earings, I noticed that after the pic and he now has little gold rings holding the rocks).

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Viewer comments:
#129899 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2005
Man Trevor ... You are great!
#125936 Rating: 9 11 Mar 2005
Very nice banner, the colour of the ogre is very nice but the best of this minin appart the ellection of the collour, is the gnoblar with red nose.fantastic!!!
#125318 Rating: 10 6 Mar 2005
Simply put, THIS ROCKS!!
#125255 Rating: 10 6 Mar 2005
Outstanding.The pic could be better,though its tuff photoing something that size.The metals are great,so is the banner and ogre face but the thing I like the most. That Noblars pink nose






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