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Tomb Kings Bone Giant
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by EArkham


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Tomb Kings Bone Giant

Tomb Kings Bone Giant

This fellow was my entry for Games Day Atlanta 2005 and won the silver for Warhammer Fantasy Monster.

As you may have noticed, the bone giant is an extensive conversion. I used a tomb scorpion body, drilled out most of the existing lich entombed within that part, and installed one of the more dynamic individual lich figures. Originally I was going to just mount the head on the tomb scorpion body, but decided that the bone giant's collar would look much better -- it was, however, a royal pain removing from the rest of the body, but in the end I feel it was worth it.

His pose was meant to imply a dramatic plea to the gods to end the suffering at the hands of a lich's control, but I suppose he could also be wondering if that was rain just now or a flock of desert birds. The pain of suffering or toilet humour; really, the choice is yours, dear viewer. The choice is yours.

A secondary view showing off the scythe and back can be found at


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Viewer comments:
#371098 Rating: 9 5 Jun 2012
I Like it ,Tidy work ,
#127142 Rating: 9 22 Mar 2005
Finally a person who makes a wonderful bone giant! I love the fact that you were able to make an expression on a skeleton. I also like the colors a lot, but my favourite in this piece is the scythe, wonderful conversion!
#127068 Rating: 9 21 Mar 2005
Now that is a dynamic pose! Groovy Well done!
#127040 Rating: 9 21 Mar 2005
He's adorable. What a great expression on his face.






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