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Shelly CCV entry
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Category: Fantasy

by ipaintminis

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Shelly CCV entry

Shelly CCV entry


This is a 54mm Pegaso girl! she was a blast to paint, and i entered her into the CCV, and even though i didnt win anything it was an honor to enter into such a great competition!

The scales were my favorite part, thank you Kevin (airhead) for the paint! and thank you also everyone on CMON for helping me get better

(sheesh i sound like i just won an acadamy award...)

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Viewer comments:
#197666 Rating: 9 2 Oct 2006
jeez! I love what you did with the scales and the skin bending looks fishy yet sexy! Hair made it look really 80's
#141383 Rating: 8 20 Jul 2005
Wow... This is your best mini, without a doubt. I wouldn't have expected that, really. Your paint job is just awesome! Though it's a 54mm-mini (and a -sorry- trashy one), this is still some very, very good work. Great blending, great skin, oh dear, where to begin..? Whatever - congratulations! Keep it up! (Or sell it, people like it...)
#134137 Rating: 9 24 May 2005
Incredible - your painting has improved by leaps and bounds. The blending of the blue to the flesh is amazing, and you got her smile down. After seeing this, I think I'm going to try some water effects meself.
#130228 Rating: 9 16 Apr 2005
Wow! Where do I begin? Shall I start with how real the water looks, or shall I start with the beautiful face and, er... other fleshtones. I love the overall color scheme of this figure. The blending and execution are marvelous. I can't wait to see your work on whatever mini I send you in ME3
#128864 Rating: 8 5 Apr 2005
Great job Becca: the subtle transition from blue to flesh is PERFECT, as wel as the rest of the model: scales, skin, etc. The only thing I don't like is the wooded base you used: I'd prefer a darker border, less wide, but that's personal taste of course. Over smooth and sexy paintjob -Gerrie.
#128249 Rating: 8 30 Mar 2005
Really beautiful work ... I will echo everyone's comment about the great job of blending skin to scale ... and the scene is very alive. My only criticism would be the use of the pinks and reds ... she's so beautiful and you'd really like to have the attention on the great skin and tail ... unfortunately the lips and shell keep drawing my attention away from the REALLY great stuff everywhere else. Great work Becca!!!
#127989 Rating: 9 28 Mar 2005
She's almost as cute as you (oh, I said cute). But where/how does she get the tan lines going around like that?
#127832 Rating: 8 27 Mar 2005
You are getting better with each figure you post. I particularly like the way you've blended the skin tone into the blue of the scales. Bueno, Becca. Bueno.
#127779 Rating: 9 27 Mar 2005
I like the way the "fishy" part of her turned out, really looks wet as shes coming out of the water !!! Great
#127702 26 Mar 2005
thank you guys SO much!!! I got the dolphins on Ebay. they came in a pack of like 6 or so, and i had to dremel off the tail part of them so they could "come out" of the water






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