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Bull Ogre Bellower
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

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Bull Ogre Bellower

Bull Ogre Bellower

This Bellower is the latest addition to my unit of bulls. I’m happy with the way the unit as a whole is turning out, and I can’t wait to post some pics of the completed 6-man regiment.

I’ve been keeping to a limited palette with these models in order to make them appear muted and drab. This guy has been painted with GW paints, from a grey undercoat. The skin began with a mixture of 2 Parts Tanned Flesh, 2 Parts Shadow Grey, 1 Part Chaos Black, and it has been brought up with blending and glazes (mostly by adding white to the previous mix). My ogres are supposed to be from a harsh northern climate, so I’ve kept their skin pale and cold.

The NMM on this model was fun. I wanted to mess around with some new mixtures. His primary weapon is blended up from a Dark Flesh / Chaos Black basecoat, through Codex Grey, to a final highlight of Fortress Grey. The cleaver on his belt began and ended in a similar fashion, but I worked some Shadow Grey into the mix. The checker pattern is just a small addition to add some personality to the model.

Thanks for looking at him. Comments (both constructive and damning) are always welcome!



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Viewer comments:
#141626 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2005
Incredible! This guy looks like he is really alive. Great work on the skin and face.
#129739 12 Apr 2005
Thanks for the comments. I hope to post some new ogres soon.
#129608 Rating: 6 11 Apr 2005
hope my ogres turn out that good AN INSPERATION very good.
#128465 Rating: 9 1 Apr 2005
i really like this guy. The blue accents work really well.
#128163 Rating: 9 30 Mar 2005
Great looking ogre.






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