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Ultramarine Veteran
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Astonia

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Ultramarine Veteran

Ultramarine Veteran

This is another commission, an Ultramarine veteran. Since I've never painted an Ultramarine before I went for a really blue tone on this one, and I think it came out really nice. The weapon is a power weapon about to power up, but I can't take credit for the conversion on it, as that was done by the customer.

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Viewer comments:
#183863 Rating: 9 30 Jun 2006
Very nice. Excellent job on the blends. Very smooth.
#169324 Rating: 9 28 Feb 2006
Great work, love the blade of the Nemesis force rod
#136201 Rating: 10 9 Jun 2005
i love the whole mini! great work - and i dont mind it being all blue
#128931 Rating: 9 5 Apr 2005
Elegant and stunning.
#128627 Rating: 9 2 Apr 2005
It's a 9 just for the effect on his power halberd. Hyper-nifty.
#128302 Rating: 8 31 Mar 2005
Very smooth paintjob and nice details, but the mini spmehow lacks contrasting details, almost everything is blue; perhaps making the cloth/scrolls whiter would help.
#128224 Rating: 8 30 Mar 2005
Nice work! But there are some buts. I'm not quite so fond of the colour-combination. The blues complement each other nicely but I feel that it could use one other colour to set it off. The nice golden brown NMM on the forceweapon perhaps? Paintwise, some parts of this one is excellent, while others could use a bit more work. I'm thinking of the darker blue, IMHO it could on most places use another layer of highlight. But look at the difference to the backpack. the same dark blue colour have excellent contrast there, with smooth blending. The reds of the purity seals seem also too dark to me. The freehand is very well performed but the blacklining around each of the symbols come out a bit too much sometimes, especially on the tabbard. The deathskull of the shoulderpad looks more reasonable blacklined and comes out much better IMO. The forceweapon look grreat with an amazing effect on the blade. It really glows! Nice work, but to my eyes, with a bit of shifting quality.
#128217 Rating: 8 30 Mar 2005
Nice work milady....some lovely touches, the gun especially.
#128183 Rating: 9 30 Mar 2005
That is a very novel color dispite him still following the rules for a marine perfectly well. Excellent. Very refreshing.






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