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Blue Lotus - Dragyri Wail
Manufacturer: Dark Age
Category: Fantasy

by EricJ

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Blue Lotus - Dragyri Wail

Blue Lotus - Dragyri Wail

When I saw this Dragyri it immediately had a Japanese feel to it which I wanted to play off of. I envision her practicing her forms in the middle of a meditation pond of Koi, at peace with her surroundings, and of course connected to the lotus.

I took this miniature on with the idea to challenge myself in nearly every aspect of my painting. First I wanted to really take time on the technical aspect of this piece, and see if I could perfect every surface to the best of my ability, and not take shortcuts anywhere. That was a struggle as there were many places that took me what seemed like forever, the face along took an entire night. My goal was to show a satin dress, and a sky-water nmm, as I wanted to stay away from any earth tones used in sky-earth. The WIP thread here on cmon was an increadible help keeping me motivated and the ideas flowing, a big thank you to everyone there .

Also I've almost never used blue for any significant purpose before, so in fact I had to buy 4/5ths of the blues and greens I used in this piece, and it was quite interesting trying to learn them! I also wanted to produce a "lighter" miniature, not so dark as much of my previous minis.

Of course the base is the follow up to the painted water-reflection I used on my Dark Maiden, I had nearly forgotten what a pain that is!! There is a reason I stayed away from trying it again for 4 months. The entire base except the lily pads and lotus (which were sculpted) is a 2d painting. Unfortunately it is very difficult to photograph, I appologize for that, the front of the base is nearly half as far from the camera as the back which creates some distortion in the perspective unfortuantely, and I really can not think of a way to avoid this satisfactorily.

BIG thank you to Tracy (TAB studios) for the miniature and jumpstart, it was a most generous gift and one I won't forget.

In the end it was a lot of fun and a huge learning experience, I hope you like her.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcomed

Thank you,


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Viewer comments:
#285360 Rating: 10 25 Feb 2009
special, ignore silly comments about Pcs if the artist had half your talent then they wouldnt make the comment, Keep up the excellent work!
#206335 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2006
i really love the shining effect you gave this mini. simply beautiful
#193195 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2006
WOW I've seen this many times and it still gives me a 10/10 on the wow factor..i just thought it was about time i left a comment. Great work!!
#184665 Rating: 10 7 Jul 2006
Absoulutely beautiful work. Although this miniature is an oustandingly high "9.6," I believe that it is still underrated. The combination of unique color schemes, flawless blending and exquisite freehand cannot be found except in minis in the top ten. This is a really special piece and should be recognized as so. This stands alone in its style and skill and is one the the very best minis on this site.
#166692 Rating: 10 5 Feb 2006
Schade, dass die Skala nur bis 10 geht. Deine Minis sind die bestbemalten, die ich je gesehen habe. Die Spiegelungen im Wasser und die Bemmalung sind einfach fantastisch. Mehr Davon. Bitte, Bitte!!!
#159047 Rating: 10 9 Dec 2005
what was done with a pc.....?
#141782 Rating: 9 23 Jul 2005
the mini it's self is fantastic, the base is imaginative but i agree that it does look like a photo, in reality there would be some distortion through water movement, maybe something to look into for future projects but very smooth painting indeed
#135186 Rating: 10 2 Jun 2005
Fabulous and very good work is one of my favorite mini.
#134104 Rating: 10 24 May 2005
Scoring this one as an 8 is a bit ridiculous for me, but well, who am I to judge others point of view. I don't know what's wrong in using PC to support art as well. I believe that the face alone is worth a 10. Great color scheme, great blending. The only thing I can find that could be improved is the water, it looks more like a mirror than a pond. The lotus needs it's own reflection as well. But that doesn't change the fact that it is really beautiful work.
#132944 Rating: 8 13 May 2005
nice mini, but it's easy to obtain such effects with a PC. Sorry but it don't deserve more than an 8 IMO.






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