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female ciborg bust
Manufacturer: Greens
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by ergman

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female ciborg bust

female ciborg bust

I always wanted to try sculpting a bust, and one day the inspiration came to my head , this is my first bust and the last sculpt I have made for sacredblade, hope soon I can post the others I have in progress .

About the sculpt, It's near 50 mm tall from base (the green one) to the top of the head. almost everything has been improvised.(the only references were the things I remembered)
Why she is held by the arm and not with the usual torso support? well, while thinking in the design I saw that most of the busts where the in same position, like it was a portrait or a card photo, I wanted something like this too, but without losing the character of the ciborg, after some attemps I decided that a floating bust was the best idea to express it. keeping the position that the real sculpt has.
The green base, it's “made” with the same materials that the original base, stone and metals, to keep more reference to the original figure.

Feel free to comment the sculpt, and as always hope you like it

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Viewer comments:
#248051 Rating: 10 21 Jan 2008
great job!!!
#236070 Rating: 10 20 Sep 2007
great!! keep on going
#141500 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2005
Love the base and the odd (in a good way) that you connect the bust to the base. Great work and clean.
#138777 Rating: 10 29 Jun 2005
beautiful work love the unorthadox mount. A stunning piece. Have you considered doing more bust's in polymers?
#130892 Rating: 10 22 Apr 2005
usually i don't like that much busts but this one is a piece of artwork. fantastic subject and original base that mke her almost alive! you are a genius!
#130755 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2005
Ola Edgar,realmente consigues superarte con cada nueva mini que haces,este busto es impresionante,muy muy original,es perfecto ,enhorabuena!!!
#130570 Rating: 9 19 Apr 2005
I like a lot the Dali chest and of course the base:great idea!
#130507 Rating: 10 19 Apr 2005
Excellent work . I'm sure that Pete was very happy to have this beauty in his miniature line .
#130387 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2005
Hubba, hubba! Rest assured that this one will also be joining my collection! Great work again Edgar
#130370 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2005
increible ... si la figura original de 45mm ya se salia , este busto ya es la leche... jo, a ver si algun dia esculpo como tu ... ( lo intento) , aunque todavia me queda ...bastante . je je a ver si esculpo algo para sacredblade yo tambien , que insistir , insisto ... , lo bueno de ver figuras como las tuyas es que me motivan bastante ( por qué será ?) ... a ver si yo tambien hago un busto en breve , para comparar y eso... aunque tengo todas las de perder . probablemente sea de Gunnm ( battle angel alita ) , que es algo parecido a este busto tuyo , que , repito, se sale .No entra en la pantalla , vamos ( chiste malo , muy malo) bueno, paridas aparte, a ver si mantienes la calidad ... ¿ por cierto , dices que aun esta en progreso? ... poco se puede mejorar ya... un saludo . y a ver si te alcanzo algun dia ...






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