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female ciborg bust
Manufacturer: Greens
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by ergman

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female ciborg bust

female ciborg bust

I always wanted to try sculpting a bust, and one day the inspiration came to my head , this is my first bust and the last sculpt I have made for sacredblade, hope soon I can post the others I have in progress .

About the sculpt, It's near 50 mm tall from base (the green one) to the top of the head. almost everything has been improvised.(the only references were the things I remembered)
Why she is held by the arm and not with the usual torso support? well, while thinking in the design I saw that most of the busts where the in same position, like it was a portrait or a card photo, I wanted something like this too, but without losing the character of the ciborg, after some attemps I decided that a floating bust was the best idea to express it. keeping the position that the real sculpt has.
The green base, it's “made” with the same materials that the original base, stone and metals, to keep more reference to the original figure.

Feel free to comment the sculpt, and as always hope you like it

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Viewer comments:
#130360 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2005
great man! allan
#130350 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2005
Estas hecho un pirata xD Cada dia eres mejor, mereces todo mi desprecio, a ver cuando nos enseñas el resto
#130338 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2005
Perfect work as you see! joder como me gustaría poder pintar esto.... resaltar la idea de presentación, es super original, siempe un añadido. la definición es perfecta y la idea tb, me gusta ver q todo es masilla verde. Una maravilla, ya te digo, la pena es q no sea yo quien lo pinte, sigue así, genio!
#130140 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2005
Yeah! What Kow said. Brilliant stuff. Put me down for a couple
#130120 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2005
This is a very cool sculpt and i hope I get this one to paint (hint hint) even if I do not I realy like this one it is an unusual mounting for a bust that realy makes it stand out and the detail is fantastic.
#130104 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2005
pero que es estooooo es una putisima pasada!!!!! tio es increible, buf es que me encanta... siempre he querido hacer una mini asi con tanta chapa metalica y cable electronico pero lo que me faltan son las ideas... pero esto tio es una puta pasada, no tan solo has sido pionero en el diseño del busto flotante (muy pronto apareceran copias o variaciones, te lo aseguro) sino que la escultura en si misma es buenisima... pero tio si es tan grande te sale a cuenta utilizar masilla verde?? es que para cosas asi siempre me han dicho que mejor la sculpey y ese tipo de masillas de coccion pk se funden mejor y no tienes que apretar tanto para alisarlas y todas esas chorras... pero bueno aqui el profesional eres tu y me lo has demostrado a mi y a cmon no solo con esta estupendisima miniatura sino con todos tus trabajos... ERES EL REY!!!!! 1 saludo albert
#130097 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2005
Excellent.I cant wait to paint up the original figure and this bust will be an excellent compliment.Very true to the original and very well sculpted.The pose is great and the floating idea sets it well apart from other busts.
#130086 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2005
Edgar, tu pieza tiene muchas cualidades, limpieza, expresividad, el diseno es muy atractivo y su "falsa volatilidad" esta muy bien lograda. Tal ves algun detalle de factura por ahi pero el diez es tuyo! Como te he dicho, espero que podamos ver nuestro trabajo pronto. Roberto
#130067 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2005
Perfect and very original, i like it and will buy almost one or two congratulations! - Michael






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