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Ka'us - Death Guard Standard Bearer
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Kaple

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Ka'us - Death Guard Standard Bearer

Ka'us - Death Guard Standard Bearer

Close-up of my Death Guard.

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#217359 Rating: 8 5 Mar 2007
Swell mini. sweet paint job, but your positioning is questionable. The first rule of bearing a banner is not to let it touch the ground. Also, your base creates confusion. It seems to be industrial because of the rivets and markings, but there is rocks dirt and moss, which makes it look more natural. There are what appear to be cracks in the cloth of the banner, which don't look right to me. I feel like I'm being overly critical but how else to people get better than by receiving criticism?
#183918 Rating: 10 1 Jul 2006
just brilliant a cut above.. the idea is great to see a standard being held down not upright great
#176230 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2006
Fatter ikke hvorfor du kan nænne at sælge den! hehe... Smukt! Virkelig smukt! Awesome as always... love your minis! Inspiration to us all! 10!
#168053 Rating: 9 18 Feb 2006
wow this guy is sweet and not the usual greens and browns . I love the head gear really cool
#165486 Rating: 10 26 Jan 2006
"Hil dig penselgud". Nej seriøst, jeg er vild med dit arbejde! Har selvfølgelig din cd og alle dine pensler (De bedste jeg har prøvet). Wonderfull mini. As Harley said this is what a marine is supposed to look like. The banner is extremely well done. I would like to see the different stages of this production and of course I cannot give less than a 10
#137360 Rating: 10 18 Jun 2005
No doubt
#132145 Rating: 10 5 May 2005
Ouch !
#131745 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2005
Yo!!! Datz kkooL!
#131478 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2005
It is cool,it was nice to meet you Give my best regards to Jacob
#131344 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2005
oawwww i saw in a golden and i think it is a one of the best of the category you have bad luck because this category has aproximately 7 golden winners and only has 3 thropies. The idea is very cool and the execution is dinamic...masterpiece






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