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Homme bête
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by allan c

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Homme bête

Homme bête

won Gold in wfb single category, French GD 2005.

a real pleasure ton realize, from sculpting to painting.

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#141076 Rating: 10 18 Jul 2005
Dis, comment tu peins la peau de tes ogres gris ?? Ah, c'est pas le sujet ici .... Bein comme Jerem, que du bon, et c'est clair qu'en vrai c'est encore mieux !!
#136944 Rating: 10 14 Jun 2005
Oh My God. This is amazing!! It has it all, brilliantly scratchbuilt, amazing pose, character, perfectly smoothly blended whites, brilliant metallic metals (that is metallic, right, not the most awesome NMM ever?), great highlights, a well detailed but not over-the-top base... you are a true inspiration, the best of the best, one of a kind, brilliant, god, etc etc praise i am not worthy to look at this...
#135152 Rating: 10 2 Jun 2005
Simply gorgeous. One of the best figures I have ever seen. What did you use to sculpt it. Do you have a tutorial for this masterpiece? Sanjay
#135028 Rating: 10 1 Jun 2005
.... is incredible model and supermaster-clas paintjob .... I have no word

#134795 Rating: 9 30 May 2005
Fantastic. Can't say enough how impressive it is. One small suggestion: I would like to have seen a sharp gleam in the eyes. With the face so perfectly angled to the viewer, a pinpoint deep in those eye sockets would have given him life that I feel is just a bit missing. Again, beautiful work.
#133907 Rating: 10 22 May 2005
perfect, very good
#133066 Rating: 10 14 May 2005
It looks real, unbelievable
#132598 Rating: 10 10 May 2005
ATTENTION LES YEUX !!! finesse de la sculpture, position, expression du visage, peinture, que dire de plus que les autres !!! TU TE GAVES !!!
#132075 Rating: 10 4 May 2005
Is it not enough to sculpt like a master that you also paint masterfully as well. The sculpt is awesome. I would like to purchase one to paint and I am sure there are thousands like myself that would as well. There are not many production minis let alone "scratch builts" that I can say that about. A beautiful sculpt that blows my mind and stellar paint work to bring him to life. This deserved the gold at the French GD. Great job!!
#132048 Rating: 10 4 May 2005
Bon et bien la Allan, je doit dire que tu nous a tous impressionné. Ca y es, tu joues vraiment dans une autre cour que nous. Tu fais partie de l'elite ;-) je plein toutes les personnes qui n'ont pas eu le bonheur d'admirer cette figurine en vrai, car cela n'a rien à voir avec une simple photo. Juste que sur cette figurine j'aurai bien vu quelques freehands, genre ... sur les cornes ;-) Allez 10 quand même, car tu n'as pas utilisé de vert...






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