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The Rescue
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by sivousplay


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The Rescue

The Rescue

Thought I'd turn things around a bit w/ this diorama. The Griffon Templars are exorcising the demon Cherubael (a conversion using the demon prince wings) on an island in a run down, burnt out, ruined area. The Grande Crane has issue with this and is coming to rescue his friend. On the close-up of Cherubael you can even see the griffon symbols on the holy documents attached to his skin.

The bridge was built using molds from Hirst Arts and the terrain was sculpted using Apoxy Sculpt. Sorry about the big collage, but this is a very large piece and has a lot going on, and I wanted to try and show as much of it as I could.

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Viewer comments:
#139352 Rating: 10 3 Jul 2005
Wow!!!! This is amazing!! Very dynamic, very lifely and the painting... what shall I say? Perfect like I know it always from you. But please tell me how you did the water?
#14527 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2002
WOW!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! I like diorams...i like it before simple miniatures - this is so dynamic.... Wonderfull job!!!!!!! PS Sorry for English
#13597 Rating: 10 16 Sep 2002
wow... i was really about to criticise something... but i'm afraid i can't. i looks great, a diorama that really works, cause it really tells a story. it really looks cool and is a little underrated, i think but nothing you should worry about.
#13353 Rating: 10 14 Sep 2002
This scene has a very gothic feel to it which I like. I could almost see it happening. Slash! Hack! Arggg!!! Spill!!!
#13333 Rating: 10 13 Sep 2002
Outstanding! Never realize how BIG the GRAND crane is until you see him like this!






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