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Crimson Lily Standard Bearer
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by bushido

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Crimson Lily Standard Bearer

Crimson Lily Standard Bearer

Well, this turned out 100x better than I could have hoped. It may be interesting to note that, other than a few simple head swaps, this is the only conversion I did in the entire squad. Luckily, one of the arms with a storm bolter was positioned perfectly so that all I had to do was move it out away from the body to make room for the banner. Speaking of the banner, I once again constructed it out of an empty toothpaste tube. Please note that the image on the standard is not of my own design. A Google search for "Bouguereau" should give you the original image. All I really did was sketch it onto the banner and then paint it as close to the original as possible. This may lower your opinion of the piece, but I feel it is necessary to give credit where credit is due.

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#237508 Rating: 10 4 Oct 2007
I saw the rest of this squad and a diorama with you holding a slayer sword in the white dwarf a long time ago and they have always been vivid in my mind. I love these terminators and how well you painted these. I've looked close and far at this unit countless times to try and learn a little of what makes your brush move so beautifully not to mention the banner! if you ever did a tutorial it would be a blessing to the mini painting comunity.
#198042 Rating: 10 5 Oct 2006
great work, but one thing is eating my mind - if ye called them crimson lily... somethig (sorry, don't have head for names) i would've expected lily sign instead of cross... but that's just a silly little detail
#192459 Rating: 10 27 Aug 2006
didnt u win golden demon or something? ur model still fascinates me
#147983 Rating: 10 9 Sep 2005
purple master! fantastic clen style and superb freehand! amazing
#136062 Rating: 10 8 Jun 2005
amazing, what colours did you use please tell me by e-mail.
#133999 Rating: 10 23 May 2005
Your work is simply flawless. Incredibly smooth, clean job, and striking colour theme. Banner looks too blue for me though, I would prefer it to look like the shoulder pad
#133959 Rating: 10 23 May 2005
An absolutely stunning paintjob and boy does he look real. The head is awsome gives him tones of charachter and with the banner he is super awsome
#133632 Rating: 10 19 May 2005
one realy good work, the freehand is really fantastic same if has my taste the stripped woman do not go with a terminator. but that remains one realy good work when same
#133571 Rating: 10 18 May 2005
hi - congratulations to this cool banner - yes it is a real "Bouguereau" here you can see the original: well done!
#133519 Rating: 10 18 May 2005
Magnificus !






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