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Agramon the Pit Fiend
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by StarFyre


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Agramon the Pit Fiend

Agramon the Pit Fiend

This miniature, albeit rushed, was fun to do. It's also quite heavy, being all metal.

Quick steps. Prime black, several thin coats of red and red/brown. Then some drybrushes of orangy colours and a glaze of a very thin red. Finally, some drybrushing of red, red/orange, orange on areas of it. Wings have washes of black to darken towards the tips.

The lighting effects from the flame are admittedly way too strong. My error and hopefully I will not make that mistake again the next time. In terms of doing it, I refer to Victoria Lamb's lighting tutorial...simply superb.

I wonder if the level 1 party I DM right now can handle this in a fight? hmmmm

Total work time: 3 or 4 hours

Please leave any comments.


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Viewer comments:
#175364 Rating: 7 21 Apr 2006
Hadn't seen this one Sanjay . The OSL effect is pretty good but I think you could have gone to pure white on some of the green highlights. More care could have been brought to the base and a black background (like suggested by Jinxed) would have done him more justice. Stop drybrushing . For only 3 to 4 hours of work, this is excellent .
#161260 Rating: 9 27 Dec 2005
Like Hellric says... you inspire me. Bought one. Assembling him. PM sent to you regarding him.
#160688 Rating: 9 22 Dec 2005
I think it looks great, but would look even better on a black background. Good paintjob though, nothing to criticize there.
#137665 20 Jun 2005
Hi Hajime, Never sell yourself anything. Work, personal life, sports, hobbies, etc. The effects I used are just based on washes/drybrushes. Read the tutorials on this site on lighing effects by victoria lamb and you will be able to do the same thing in a few minutes. It's great stuff and simple to do. Working on the advanced techniques takes more time, and I still can't get them but am trying Just practice and your minis will be even better than what you consider awesome now Sanjay
#137453 Rating: 10 18 Jun 2005
Others, can find errors and can be picky tiny minor things that I just don't see. i see a Excelent minature with effects i couldn't even try to do! two thumbs up!
#134505 Rating: 8 27 May 2005
The lighting effects are convincing at first glance, but do look a bit rough on closer inspection. I think the flame should be much lighter and the darker green 'spreading' out across the mini. 7.5 rounded up, cuz I'm funny that way.
#134380 Rating: 8 27 May 2005
Very nice work in a very short time, you'll inspire me man






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