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Wolf the barbarian
Manufacturer: Hasslefree
Category: Fantasy

by Avicenna

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Wolf the barbarian

Wolf the barbarian

Another butch semi-clad barbarian by Hasslefree miniatures! I pulled all the stops out for this guy - NMM, tattoos, display base and freehand on the shield! The tattoos were my own design, but I got the pattern for the shield from a famous Japanese Tsunami woodcut.

The rock is a chunk of slate, the rubble is small bits of cork and I have also used brass etched ferns for detail. The helmet is from a GW Chaos Warrior, but I have no idea where the shield came from!

I see the items on the base as harking back to the martial influences on the warrior as he goes through a kata on a sacred rock in the middle of a woodland clearing.

This is probably my favourite model to date and I hope you like him too!

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Viewer comments:
#418004 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2014
#279360 Rating: 10 28 Dec 2008
It's my favorite figure of all site!!! You're a painting god!
#166226 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2006
BARBARIC SPLENDOR! Wow, great skintones, NMM, basing, everything! One of my favorite barbarians on the site!
#136695 Rating: 10 12 Jun 2005
this is a very solid paintjob. I couldnt find a single error if I wanted to nitpick. The Skin looks very convincing, very realistic and the freehand on the shield is pretty amazing too. I really like the base too. great work!
#136395 Rating: 10 10 Jun 2005
As i said on the FOD ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! You are truly my painting Idol
#136393 Rating: 10 10 Jun 2005
Really great skintones, and the tattoos, although relatively simple, really enhance it as well. Truly impressed!
#136376 Rating: 10 10 Jun 2005
i think it`s your best paintjob up to date (at least from those i`ve seen). the base really enhances the look of the model.
#136371 Rating: 10 10 Jun 2005
Excellent, conveys a really great atmosphere... Kind of "wherever you're hiding beast, I'll find you and you'll regret it". Top job!

#136359 Rating: 10 10 Jun 2005
Bravo. Le clin d'oeil à Hokusai est superbe !
#136358 Rating: 9 10 Jun 2005
Nice work, the skins fits well to the figure ! Isn't the HOKUSAI Wave you painted on the shield? in that case, why did you not paint boats ? eh eh eh






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