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Space marine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by cyril

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Space marine

Space marine

Im a huge fan of the classic starwars trilogy,i tried on this on a Slave one patern( the boba fett's space ship).

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#359049 Rating: 8 28 Dec 2011
if one of my marine let his kit get into this state i would have him on a charge. lovely painting but ott on the weathering
#310888 Rating: 10 17 Dec 2009
i knew i recognised that paint scheme!!!! aaaaargh, fantastic!!!!!!
#289708 Rating: 10 7 Apr 2009
I love StarWars a whole army of those marines would be awesome you should try Jango's ship i think that would look awesome. GREAT JOB!!!!
#263271 Rating: 9 30 Jun 2008
awesome! im normally not a big fan of this painting style but uve made it work better
#188692 Rating: 10 6 Aug 2006
mwarf très beau, les spaces marines sont regrutés dans les décharges lol magnifiques effets
#179231 Rating: 10 21 May 2006
#162343 Rating: 10 6 Jan 2006
Whoa, at first I thought that was a FW Figurine.
#145236 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2005
c'est clair que tu es vraiment "le Roi de la patine et de l'usure", du beau boulot, ça c'est un space marine qui as du vécu et en parlant de StarWars, c'était mieux la 1ere trilogie, là il y en avait de la patine, la nouvelle trop propre, trop d'images de synthèse, manque d'âme.
#142617 Rating: 10 30 Jul 2005
tres tres belle fig cyril commeje l'ai deja dit sur crea continue comm ca
#138589 Rating: 8 27 Jun 2005
Hmmm, I'm not liking him as much as everyone else. The head i great, as is the base, but the rest ain't so nice imo. I prefer your other style of marine by far.






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