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Tyran Visgaal, Black Legionnaire Errant
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by No Such Agency

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Tyran Visgaal, Black Legionnaire Errant

Tyran Visgaal, Black Legionnaire Errant

I've often been tempted to paint one of these mysterious knights... Are they an evil sect? Or are they a force for good, albeit cloaked in myth and mystery? Anyway, this guy is definitely the best of them all.

I'm still learning NMM, this is only my second mini featuring it. The base is cork, covered in my first experiment with baking soda/Elmer's glue "snow".

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#208977 Rating: 9 1 Jan 2007
government conspiracy thats nice! excellebt job. great comp.
#162499 Rating: 9 7 Jan 2006
I cant see anything wrong with this, in fact the more I look the more I like it, great job
#139274 Rating: 9 3 Jul 2005
super nmm . tres tres belle figurine...jolie choix de couleur
#138508 Rating: 9 26 Jun 2005
Great looking contrast between the metal and cloth bits. The NMM is very clean and bright and looks espcially good vs the weathered leather on the backpack. I can't think of much to criticize on him, he's excellent! Now I just have to figure out how to do snow as good as you.
#138330 Rating: 9 24 Jun 2005
Nice job on the metalics. The gold looks great. My favorite part though is his leather back pack. It looks like real leather, expertly highlighted.
#138024 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2005
I love the back pack the leather looks very well done, I just tried my first gnmm and you have faired much better than I did. looks great and your hard work shows here. Cheers
#137941 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2005
I really like the color scheme. The Silver NMM is dead on, and looks great. The Gold NMM is also very good, but the little shield thingy just to the right and below his chin looks a little off. Still, no reason not to be a 9! The snow is very good, and it even looks like it has some shiny 'ice crystals' in it.
#137929 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2005
Very clean paintjob, with nice contrast between dark blue robes and bright NMM gold. I have to compliment the finess of the NMM gold and NMM steel on the armor. Baking soda + glue trick for snow never crossed my mind, but from what I see it gives very realistic effect. I'll have to try that one day.
#137926 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2005
Yeesh, cant beleive thats only your second NMM... It's very smoothly blended and feels correct. The color choice is very good overall and the snowbase fits this mini well.
#137921 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2005
The NMM looks really good, and I like the colours for the robe/tabbard. The scabbard for the sword just rocks. The snow looks good for a first try (not sure I believe that, actually). My beef with this? The OSL highlights, front and back, seem to conflict with eachother. The front seems to be coming from the mini's left, and the back seems to be coming from his right. But that's just nit-picking.






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